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When it comes to Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, it’s important that you have a solid, well researched campaign. When running a paid search marketing campaign, you work with a partner (typically a search engine or social media platform) to help you expand your audience with hosted ads. The only catch? Your company must pay for each click, even if those clicks don’t actually translate to conversions.

The longer you run a disorganized, ineffective paid ad marketing campaign, the more capital your company is tossing out the window. Earning the full value of your PPC investments will require you to run a strategic, professional campaign. That’s where AtoZ Media can help.

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Here at AtoZ Media, we start by auditing your existing marketing campaigns, performing keyword research and a competitive analysis. Next, we develop a custom strategy that includes high-quality ads. This content is optimized for your keywords and target market, while avoiding negative terms and keywords that have become bloated from companies competing to rank for them. During the course of your campaign, we carefully monitor your ads and key performance metrics to make data-driven adjustments.

Our goal is to target keywords that convert into leads. Avoid spending on marketing that could turn into a waste of resources when your company can target keywords that tie in with your website’s offers. Campaign optimization is an on-going process. The ultimate goal is to draw in increasingly qualified leads while minimizing your company’s dependence on Pay Per Click campaigns.

By reviewing campaign performance as a whole, including keyword research and PPC performance, we can identify the pain points holding back your company’s marketing strategy. We focus on identifying high cost/low conversion scenarios, instances where your marketing investments might be better spent elsewhere. We also review campaign settings like ad schedule, ad delivery, bid strategy, and geolocation data to ensure that your ads are being delivered in an optimized format.

  • Google and Bing PPC Search Audits
  • Custom Paid Search Marketing Strategy
  • Landing Page Optimization Strategy

Once your company has established a comprehensive paid ad marketing campaign, it will take ongoing management and strategizing to reap the full rewards. When updates to your campaign must be made in response to market shifts or changes in customer behavior, you’ll feel more confident if a team of experts is monitoring and making adjustments. At AtoZ Media, we’re passionate about helping our clients implement the brand we build together.

  • Professional Daily Ad Campaign Management
  • Ad, Budget and Keyword Adjustments
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Performance Reporting

Compared to PPC, social media campaigns are an entirely different animal. Content is optimized for organic engagement, more interruptive and optimized to nurture leads into conversions. Strategic campaigns can even help draw traffic to email lists, gated offers and other ways of engaging directly with your clients. By working with AtoZ Media, your company ensures that social ads and PPC support one another. Without a comprehensive approach to digital marketing, companies risk covering the same ground with two very different ad campaigns.

  • Social Platform Ad Campaign Strategy
  • Custom Ad Designs
  • Monthly Social Ad Management
  • Budget Tracking and Reporting
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Did you know that businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spent on Google AdWords?

Frequently asked Questions

What’s The Difference Between Google Search and Google Display?
Google AdWords offers two distinct advertising tools, Google Search and Google Display. Understanding the nuances of these solutions is critical because they target very different audiences in very different ways:

Google Search ads appear at the top of the results when customers search for certain keywords, products or topics of interest. Google has partnerships with other search engines, so your ads are likely to show up in multiple places across the Web.

Google Display ads are more akin to traditional banner ads or the types of sponsored content you might see while browsing your social media accounts. Google has partnerships with thousands of websites to host ads next to relevant content.

Here at AtoZ Media, we understand how to leverage these tools simultaneously without overlapping our client’s investments.
What Social Media Platforms Do You Run Ads On?
We focus our paid social media strategies around major platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Additionally, we can assist our customers with other platforms like Bing and YouTube video ads.

When clients first work with us, we perform an audit of their current paid ad marketing strategy. We identify where our client is already having success and focus our social media marketing efforts accordingly.
How does PPC/Paid Search Impact SEO?
It would be a mistake to think of Paid Search and SEO as separate efforts. Here at AtoZ Media, we look for any opportunity to leverage these tools together for our clients. For example, running paid ads to draw more traffic to a landing page is a great way to test if elements on the page are performing correctly. Using paid ads allows you to get results quickly, rather than waiting for visitor traffic to increase organically.

This is just one of the ways that the value of SEO and Paid Search can be maximized by using these tools together. Want an in-depth lesson on how Paid Search impacts SEO? Review our free eBook, “How to Build a PPC Search Campaign” to learn more.

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